Monday, 11 December 2017

Hakatere Festival

Both our Kapa Haka group and Pasifika group participated in the Hakatere Festival this year.  Here are some photos of our Year 6 students. 

Kiwi Can

This year we had Olivia and Reece teaching us for Kiwi Can each week.  We did a lot of talking about different values and how we can show this in everyday life.  Room 2 won the Kiwi Can competition in Term 4 so we got to do an Amazing Race.  This involved us eating ice cubes, eating dry Weet-bix, shooting hoops and finding a hidden flag.  It was great fun!

Miniball 2018

This year Netherby School had two teams participating in the miniball season this year.  Thanks to the coaches, managers and referees who made this possible.  On Monday we had our break up for the season!  It was a lot of fun.

Turbo Touch

This year we had two Year 5/6 teams participating in the Turbo Touch tournament.  Both teams played really well and demonstrated our Netherby Pride values.  Thank you to all the parents who helped coach and manage the event on the day. 

Maui and the Sun

In Term 3 Room 2 presented to our own our version of Maui and the Sun.  We had a lot of fun practising and changing the words to different songs to fit in with our theme. 

Rotary Speech Competition

Congratulations to Zanjoe who won the Senior School speech competition this year.  He went on to represent Netherby School at the Rotary Speech Competition.  He wrote his speech about why he is scared of clowns.  Zanjoe got a special mention at the Rotary competition.  We are very proud of him!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Music Festival

On Wednesday 21st June the Year 5/6 students of Netherby went to the Event Centre to perform at the Mid Canterbury Music Festival.  It was our night to shine.  Our school got to perform songs with other schools such as Rise, Radio Gaga, Purple People Eater and Ma te Mahi Ka Ora.  During the song You're the Voice there was a student from the Ashburton College who performed with us who played the bagpipes which was awesome to watch.  During the night Netherby School got to perform its own two songs.  They were Hakatere E and The Cup Song.  People were well entertained by The Cup Song and they were amazed by how fast the students were moving the cups and they enjoyed the actions in Hakatere E.  The whole night was a success but the next day we were all really tired!

Elgregoe Visit

Elgregoe has recently visited Netherby School for a programme about anti-bullying.  He is a magician who made some terrible jokes but he was spreading a really good message.  Elgregoe had lots of animals with him which included parrots, a guinea pig and a puppet bunny.  He was also a ventriloquist.  With his assistant Sue, the show was amazing.  Elgregoe talked about being heroes at work.  This stood for:

Being honest
Showing empathy
and respect
Looking for opportunities to help others

He also talked to us about using our WITS.  This stood for:

W - Walk away
I - Ignore
T - Tell someone
S - Stand tall

Kadugli and Charlie got selected to go up on stage and win some prizes.

Mind Plus

In Room 2 there are three children who go to Mind Plus one day a week.  Dekoda goes on Wednesday and Piper and Ashley go on Friday.  Mind Plus is a learning experience for children who gifted and talented in areas that are recognised in the programme.  Recently the group went on a trip to Mind Lab in Christchurch where they teach programming and basic robotics.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Writing Group - Term 1 & 2

Kingsley, Beaver, Tafu, Charlie and Jaykob have been taking part in a writing group.  Their parents came to visit in Term 1.  We got some great writing completed that day!

Kickstart Breakfast Club

The Kickstart Breakfast Club is open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings - yum!  Last week some members of Room 2 performed an item to welcome a visitor to our breakfast club.  Great job team!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Room 2's Assembly

  Last week it was Room 2's assembly.  We had to write our own skits, write a script for the assembly, take photos and create a Voki about the Pride value of Perseverance.  We had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs and here are some of the photos we took for our assembly.

Our Furry Visitors

Room 2 was lucky enough to have Mia's mum come to school one morning with two puppies from her dog's litter.  We all got a hold.  They were so cute!  Thanks Mia and Angella.

Wonderful Water

Our topic for this term is 'Wonderful Water'.  We had a visit from Sheryl Stivens who spoke to us about the water cycle and the process that water goes through from the tap to the sea.

Road Safety Week

In the first week of term it was Road Safety week.  We had a safety visit from Constable Wiltshire from the Ashburton Police who talked to us about both bike and road safety.  We also had an opportunity to practise our skills on bikes around the school field - road signs included!