Thursday, 3 May 2018

Our Dance Moves

Suliasi and Atarina.

New Zealand Playhouse

Today we got to watch a performance from the New Zealand Playhouse.  We watched their version of Little Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood.  Some of us even got invited up to dance!  Check out our moves.

Kiwi Can

First for Kiwi Can we had to watch out for the blob!
Then we were divided into groups and we had to work together to create an object: a bike, a bus shelter, a tree and car.  Can you guess which picture goes with each object?

Hockey Coaching - Term 2

This week we had hockey coaching with Mid Canterbury Hockey.  We were learning about how to hold a hockey stick correctly and how to dribble the ball while keeping it under control.  We have another lesson next week. 

Monday, 11 December 2017

Hakatere Festival

Both our Kapa Haka group and Pasifika group participated in the Hakatere Festival this year.  Here are some photos of our Year 6 students. 

Kiwi Can

This year we had Olivia and Reece teaching us for Kiwi Can each week.  We did a lot of talking about different values and how we can show this in everyday life.  Room 2 won the Kiwi Can competition in Term 4 so we got to do an Amazing Race.  This involved us eating ice cubes, eating dry Weet-bix, shooting hoops and finding a hidden flag.  It was great fun!

Miniball 2018

This year Netherby School had two teams participating in the miniball season this year.  Thanks to the coaches, managers and referees who made this possible.  On Monday we had our break up for the season!  It was a lot of fun.