Monday, 24 September 2018

Turbo Touch

This term Netherby had two teams representing our school at the Year 5/6 Turbo Touch Tournament.  It was a hot day, we did a lot of running but we had a great time!

Financial Literacy

This term we had a visit from ASB to tell us about how we can make more money by saving our money in the bank.  I wonder who has done this already...?

Community Invite

In Term 3 we invited our parents to come and watch our class perform dance and to share some healthy kai with them.  We had to work together in groups to create a dance related to that era of music.  Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed the show.

60s - Let's Twist Again

70s - Blame it on the Boogie

80s - Girls Just Want to have Fun

90s - Cotton Eye Joe

00s - Who Let the Dogs Out?

2010s - Watch Me

Today - Dancing on your Body

Room 2

Swimming in Term 3

As part of our swimming lessons this term, we got to practise our skills with life jackets.  It was a lot of fun. 

Friday, 3 August 2018

Term 3 - Winter Tournament

In Week 2 of Term 3 it was Winter Tournament time!  We had teams representing our school in netball, football, hockey and rugby.  Thanks again to all the wonderful parents who coached, managed or provided transport.

Music Festival

In Week 8 of Term 2 our school performed in the Mid Canterbury Music Festival.  Our school presented two items by ourselves and participated in the mass choir songs.  Thanks for being our conductor Mrs Oakley. 

Coding with Rachael

In our lesson today we learnt how to use a programme to code lights to flash in a particular pattern.