Monday, 20 March 2017

School Responsibilities

This year our class gets to show our leadership skills in a variety of ways.

1) School Leaders - The School Leaders in our class are: Ricky, Ashlin, Leo, Kingsley, Tereise, Taymah and Kaitlyn.

2) Librarians - Ashlin, Zanjoe, Sam, Ricky, Beaver, Abbey-Lee, Tafu, Honey, Kadugli, Tereise, Maddie and Kaitlyn.

3) Student Council - Caleb and Talitha

4) Year 5/6 duties - Wet Day Monitors, Sausages, Flag, Monday Afternoon Assembly, looking after Room 6

P.E. with Mark

Every second Friday we go to P.E. with Mark for half an hour.  Mark has been coming to Netherby School for the last three years.  He works for Sport Mid Canterbury.

This term we've been doing tennis and cricket skills.  We do fun activities such as hand tennis, real tennis, non-stop cricket and tennis rallies.

We get to try sports that we may not have done before so that we know what they are like.  We have also been developing our hand-eye coordination.

Later this year we will get to try rugby skills, soccer skills, basketball skills and netball skills.

Kiwi Can

Our school has just started Kiwi Can this year.  The teachers are Reece and Olivia.  We've been playing lots of games about different values such as respect and honesty, we have been playing GKQ (general knowledge questions) and making freeze frames showing different scenes.

Every time we go to Kiwi Can we have different leaders.  We discuss different catch phrases such as "I'm proud of where I come from, I'm proud of who I am, I'm proud to be a Kiwi, because a Kiwi Can" and "It's not just what you say, it's how you say it."

We enjoy Kiwi Can because it is fun, it helps us, it's educational and exciting.

Swim Week

During Week 6 of Term 1 we did swim week at the EA Network Centre.  We went swimming for 4 days.  On the Tuesday we weren't swimming due to the Counties Swimming Sports and 3 Way Conferences.

At swimming we were practising breastroke, freestyle, backstroke, treading water, diving, floating, jumping in without putting our head under and streamlining.  Our class was swimming in different pools.  We swam in the lazy river, the leisure pool, the main pool and the learner's pool.  One group had to swim against the current in the lazy river.  We are now waiting to hear from the pool to see who passed the different levels.

Five students from Room 2 went to the Counties Swimming Sports.  They were Leo, Charlie, Piper, Keagan and Talitha.  They did a great job!