Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Elgregoe Visit

Elgregoe has recently visited Netherby School for a programme about anti-bullying.  He is a magician who made some terrible jokes but he was spreading a really good message.  Elgregoe had lots of animals with him which included parrots, a guinea pig and a puppet bunny.  He was also a ventriloquist.  With his assistant Sue, the show was amazing.  Elgregoe talked about being heroes at work.  This stood for:

Being honest
Showing empathy
and respect
Looking for opportunities to help others

He also talked to us about using our WITS.  This stood for:

W - Walk away
I - Ignore
T - Tell someone
S - Stand tall

Kadugli and Charlie got selected to go up on stage and win some prizes.

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