Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Music Festival

On Wednesday 21st June the Year 5/6 students of Netherby went to the Event Centre to perform at the Mid Canterbury Music Festival.  It was our night to shine.  Our school got to perform songs with other schools such as Rise, Radio Gaga, Purple People Eater and Ma te Mahi Ka Ora.  During the song You're the Voice there was a student from the Ashburton College who performed with us who played the bagpipes which was awesome to watch.  During the night Netherby School got to perform its own two songs.  They were Hakatere E and The Cup Song.  People were well entertained by The Cup Song and they were amazed by how fast the students were moving the cups and they enjoyed the actions in Hakatere E.  The whole night was a success but the next day we were all really tired!

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